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As an industrial plant, you are highly dependent on all of your machinery working correctly and efficiently. The minute an electrical problem occurs with even one of your machines or automation programs, the entire plant’s productivity is compromised, not to mention your bottom line. Additionally, electrical problems can jeopardize the safety of your facility, leaving you liable for any employee injuries. At Magic Valley Electric LLC, we are a business and we know how important it is to minimize any downtime. That’s why we are happy to offer plant electrical maintenance in the Magic Valley. Unlike other companies in the area, our licensed and certified electricians specialize in industrial electrical services. As a BBB accredited company, we work hard to give all of our customers the peace of mind that their electrical system is in optimal condition to get them through the busiest and most demanding times.

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Keeping Your Electrical Systems & Equipment Up & Running

The most effective way to avoid problems or costly breakdowns with your electrical system or equipment is to get routine preventative maintenance inspections (PMIs). Because of their intricacy and larger scope, plant systems and equipment require specialized knowledge of the electrical industry. At Magic Valley Electric LLC, our plant maintenance electricians have the experience and training necessary to help you avoid problems with your equipment and electrical systems.

During plant electrical maintenance in the Magic Valley, we will:

  • Clean: An often overlooked step, cleaning is vital to your equipment and electrical system’s function. As we clean, we will remove the normal build-up of dust and dirt from your vents, circuit breakers, and the surfaces of your switches.
  • Visually inspect your system: Unfortunately, even the smallest of issues will cause huge problems. During a PMI, our electricians will search for irregularities with your electrical system or potential threats of a possible breakdown, such as damaged wiring or missing brackets.
  • Tighten nuts and bolts: It’s natural for your connections to loosen as your equipment ages. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that each of your bolted connections is up to code. A loose one can cause overheating and significant damage to your equipment.
  • Perform thermal imaging: Overheating is a telltale sign of electrical failure, which is why our electricians use high-tech thermal imaging devices to locate spots with unusual heat. By spotting it early, we can usually take care of the issue before it becomes a larger, more complex problem.

Comprehensive Maintenance to Ensure You Meet OSHA Standards

At Magic Valley Electric LLC, our highly skilled technicians are capable of assisting with all components of your industrial plant. Whether it’s your lighting, overloaded circuits, alarm system, transformers, GFCIs, or AFCIs, we will work to ensure that everything is in proper working condition and up to code. Our goal is to make the process as smooth and simple as possible so you are fully satisfied from start to finish.

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