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Remodeling a commercial space is a hefty project that requires extensive work. However, as you adapt, improve, or expand a building, you must consider updating the electrical system as well. Southern Idaho is home to many older commercial spaces with rather outdated electrical systems. When you work with our licensed Magic Valley electrical remodel and upgrade specialists at Magic Valley Electric LLC, we will ensure that we install a commercial electrical system that is up to current local code and prepared to handle the demands of your remodeling project. We’ve been assisting general contractors and builders throughout the area since 2013 and are dedicated to providing quality service each and every time. We are a business, and we understand the importance of limiting any downtime and preserving your bottom line, which is why we work closely with you to complete all your electrical remodeling requirements on time and on budget.

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Our Commercial Electrical Remodeling Services

If the building that you're remodeling suffers from frequently tripped breakers and other electrical problems, it could be because of faulty wiring. Our electricians can perform a thorough inspection to determine whether rewiring is necessary. If it is, we’ll rewire your entire building so that it is capable of handling the business’s electrical demands. During this time, we will also adapt new outlets and any other fixture installations, such as lights and ceiling fans, to the new wiring pattern. We will also disconnect and reconnect any machinery and can assist with all server room or IT needs.

When to Seek Out Commercial Electrical Upgrades in the Magic Valley

Even an expertly designed commercial electrical system would eventually need an upgrade to better handle the electrical demands of the building. Electrical upgrades are important because they improve the safety and functionality of a commercial or industrial space. When you work with our team at Magic Valley Electric LLC, we will ensure that you are set up with an electrical system that meets your needs.

We suggest getting commercial electrical upgrades when:

  • There doesn’t seem to be enough power for your daily activities and tasks
  • Your lights are constantly flickering or going out, especially when a large machine or appliance is turned on
  • Your equipment shuts off for no reason
  • You must run extension cords between circuits in an attempt to balance the load
  • Your breakers frequently trip when you try to run all your electrical devices at once
  • Your breakers fail and your equipment overheats
  • You notice your electrical panel or wiring contacts show signs of deterioration or corrosion
  • You notice melted wires or wiring insulation
  • You need surge protectors on every outlet

Even if you’re not experiencing any of these issues, it’s a good idea to consider an electrical system upgrade when you’re installing newer equipment so you can be sure it can handle the load. This is especially the case if you’re installing a new air conditioning unit or electric heating.

In addition to showing up in clean uniforms, we also offer a one-year warranty on all of our services.

For all of your commercial electrical remodels or upgrades in the Magic Valley, Twin Falls, or the surrounding areas, call us today at (208) 795-3330.

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