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It takes a tremendous amount of energy to power an irrigation system, which is why it is the largest operating cost for farmers. However, there are now ways to reduce this cost by cutting down on energy usage. You can install a VFD, or variable frequency drive, which is used to control electric motors. However, sometimes these drives can overheat and cause serious electrical issues. In order to properly detect such issues before they become extremely costly to repair, let our expert electricians at Magic Valley Electric LLC perform thermal imaging. We understand the importance of ensuring that there is minimal interruption to your irrigation system, especially in the springtime when it’s the busiest for farmers. Therefore, we will arrive quickly to get the job done right.

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The Advantages of VFDs

The purpose of a VFD is to vary an irrigation pump’s motor speed by controlling both its input frequency and voltage. This enables operators to adjust the pump’s performance and speed to match the operating conditions of the irrigation well. In other words, if the pump doesn’t need to be running at full speed all the time, you can lower the speed to reduce energy costs.

The other advantages of VFDs include:

  • They improve product quality
  • They reduce production costs
  • They may qualify for utility and tax rebates or incentives
  • They reduce energy consumption
  • They give you tighter process control
  • They extend equipment life
  • They reduce maintenance costs
  • They conserve water
  • They reduce power line strain

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Why Thermal Imaging Is Important

In addition to telling you when a device is overheating, thermal imaging is also useful for detecting when an irrigation pump has an excessive current flow. As current flows through a device, it generates heat. However, when there is an abundance of current, it will result in an overgeneration of heat, which is a waste of energy and can seriously damage your system. Through high-tech infrared detecting devices, our three Infrared Training Center certified electricians can see the otherwise invisible thermal signatures and prevent costly damage before it occurs.

Other benefits of thermal imaging in the Magic Valley are:

  • It limits downtime and prevents unplanned shutdowns
  • It protects your equipment and capital investment (VFDs and agriculture equipment aren’t cheap!)
  • It can, depending on your insurance company, reduce premiums
  • It is a quick and efficient way of providing an accurate diagnosis and pinpointing problem areas
  • It can help both you and our electricians prioritize repairs in order of their severity

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