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Pump Panel Maintenance & Repair

Magic Valley Pump Panel Maintenance

Panel Pump Repair & Preventative Maintenance Services for a Better Season in Twin Falls

The arrival of spring means that it’s time to get your annual pump panel maintenance done and Magic Valley Electric LLC has the power to do it right. When we troubleshoot and evaluate your electric motor, we will thoroughly review our findings with you and discuss your repair options. Our goal is to provide every customer with a clear diagnostic of their motor’s current condition and written documentation of our recommendations so that it will continue to operate consistently and throughout the upcoming seasons. Our Magic Valley pump panel maintenance and repair specialists will always arrive on-time and with the necessary tools and equipment to get the job completed quickly and efficiently. It’s important to take a proactive approach, and our technicians have the training and knowledge required to do so.

Get ahold of us by calling (208) 795-3330 or filling out our online request form. We service the entire Magic Valley, Twin Falls, and the surrounding areas.

The Electrical Pump Panel & Motor Maintenance Process

At Magic Valley Electric LLC, we take maintenance seriously because it can help offset any potential breakdowns that could be devastating for your business and daily operations.

Our electrical pump panel and motor maintenance process includes:

  • Visual inspections of all wiring and components
  • Tightening and testing of all wire connections
  • Vacuuming out all the dirt, debris, dust, and rodents
  • Testing all fuses and checking the mechanical operation of selector switches, contactors, and disconnecting means
  • Checking and cleaning contacts on magnetic starters
  • Testing the insulation and using a megger on the motors
  • Testing the motor operation and amperage draw (per customer’s request)
  • Repair faulty components (per customer’s approval)
  • Supplying each customer with a detailed report of each pump station which includes the problems we found, the repairs we made, a description of the work, the condition the motor is currently in, and the amperage draws of each motor

For pump panel maintenance and repair services in Magic Valley, contact us online or at (208) 795-3330 today!

The Benefits of Preventative Pump Panel Maintenance & Repair

In addition to ensuring that your pump is ready to be put to work during the spring season, there are many other reasons why you should get preventative pump panel maintenance and repair annually.

These benefits include:

  • It improves equipment performance
  • It improves equipment lifespan
  • It determines existing problems so proper repairs can be made prior to the start of irrigation season
  • It eliminates equipment downtime and maintains crop yields
  • It improves a customer’s awareness of the equipment’s condition (before it’s too late)
  • It eliminates possible accidents due to faulty equipment
  • It saves time and money

We Value Safety

At Magic Valley Electric LLC, our Magic Valley pump panel maintenance and repair specialists are dedicated to ensuring everyone’s safety. We provide in-house training that explores different safety methods for the workplace and on job sites. We also ensure that all of our electricians are trained in how to use equipment safely and properly. This training and certification is always up-to-date and we continually hold monthly and weekly on-site training sessions.

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