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  • Panels and Breakers


  • Mission Control: Electric Panel Upgrades & Swaps

    It’s the control center of your home’s electricity and the starting point of most electrical repairs, but most of us don’t think much about our circuit breaker until something goes wrong. That usually means a breaker—or breakers—have begun to flip frequently, causing temporary power outages until it can be reset.

    If this sounds familiar to you, it could be time to upgrade or swap out your main breaker panel with a new one. Keep in mind that breakers shut off electricity to a zone in the house because the flow of current is reaching unsafe levels. If you are making trips to the breaker box with any regularity, it’s a good idea to consult a professional technician.

    Many of you probably know that almost any electrical repair begins at the electrical panel to shut off power to the home—or portion of the home—where the work is being conducted. When performing work on the breaker box, this simple safety step becomes more complicated.

    Find Your Home’s Electric Panel

    If you don’t know where your home’s breaker box is located, don’t be embarrassed. You’re not alone. The electric panel is housed in a metal box usually located in a storage or utility room. Sometimes an electric panel is installed in a garage or along an exterior wall. Your utility room or garage are good places to start.

    Sometimes You Just Need a Professional

    Even if you know where the breaker box is located, that doesn’t mean you should mess with it. Thanks to the amount of electricity handled by the breaker box and the vital role the setup plays in protecting our homes and families, dealing with breakers makes most people uneasy. That’s understandable. In fact, for jobs that go beyond flipping a breaker, it’s best to consult a certified electrician.

    Of course, you should still know how to locate your home’s electrical breakers and even inspect the enclosure and parts for signs of wear or damage.

    If your home’s breaker box is outmatched by the electrical demands of your home and desperately needs an upgrade or change-out, you can trust our certified team of technicians at Magic Valley Electric to return your home to full power. Give us a call at 208-944-2107. Our courteous and prompt technicians can visit to assess your needs, outline the options and make repairs, if necessary.

    When you need a skilled electrician in Southern Idaho, call the experienced professionals at Magic Valley Electric.