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  • Outdoor Lighting


  • Exterior and Security Lighting for Southern Idaho

    At Magic Valley Electric, we love outdoor lighting. It is both functional and beautiful. When properly installed, outdoor lights provide added visibility around your home and an extra measure of security. Whether you’ve got a detailed plan in mind or just a notion, the Magic Valley Electric team has the expertise and experience to empower any home outdoor lighting project you may have.

    Some of our outdoor specialties include:

    • Flood lights
    • Porch and patio fixtures
    • Motion-sensor lighting
    • Step lights
    • Post lanterns

    Like any lighting project, improperly installed outdoor lights can be an eyesore and even a hazard. Additional factors come into play when installing and considering an outdoor lighting project. Among other considerations, outdoor installations should take into account the amount of space to be illuminated and the light and power requirements to fill the space for the desired application and effect.

    With decades of experience installing, repairing and replacing outdoor lights, our certified technicians are ready to shine light on your home lighting project. We stand behind our work always. We take pride in the fact that we treating you and your property with respect, and as always, we’ll give you a courtesy call to let you know our team is on the way. Give us a call today at 208-944-2107.

    Looking for exterior and security lighting for your Southern Idaho home? Call the licensed technicians at Magic Valley Electric.