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  • Schedule A Full-Home Safety Inspection with Magic Valley Electric!

    Scheduling an annual full-home electrical safety inspection is crucial to the overall safety of your household. The easiest way to prevent electrical emergencies, including house fires, is to make sure all of your electrical equipment is up to code and not in need of repair. For many it’s easy to skip out on, but when you consider what’s really at stake, helping to ensure the safety of your home is a worthy investment. Call Magic Valley Electric and have a home electrical inspection done annually, and rest easy knowing your home has been inspected and is up to code.

    A Full-Home Electrical Safety Inspection Includes:

    • Inspection of All Outlets
    • Inspection of All Wiring
    • Inspection of All Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors
    • Inspection of All Electrical Panels
    • Inspection of All Circuit Breakers
    • Inspection of Outdoor Lighting – and More!

    When Should I Get Safety Inspection?

    • If you are buying or selling a home.
    • It has been 10 years or more since you had an inspection.
    • You have recently had a major electrical repair on your home.
    • You have circuit breakers that trip regularly.

    The National Fire Protection Association has confirmed that electrical fires are one of the top causes of home structure fires. When you call Magic Valley Electric for your home safety inspection, our technicians will conduct a thorough inspection of all of your electrical equipment and wiring, then inform you of the results so you can decide how you want to proceed to protect your home. Our goal is always to make your home as safe as possible. We will provide you with up-front pricing on any repairs we find, and will always be respectful of your home and your time. Call us today at 208-944-2107 to schedule your home safety inspection today.

    When you need a full-home safety inspection in Southern Idaho, call the experienced professionals at Magic Valley Electric.