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  • Safety Inspections


  • Have An Industrial Safety Inspection Performed By A Professional

    In an industrial setting, an issue like faulty wiring or poor circuitry can cause a range of dangerous and expensive problems. Having an industrial safety inspection performed is vital to the safety and efficiency of your industrial facility. Maybe you have equipment that isn’t operating as efficiently as it could and it’s causing you problems and costing you money, or perhaps you have a potentially hazardous electrical issue that could possibly cause a fire at your facility. For the sake of your property and all of the people in it, let Magic Valley Electric perform a safety inspection on your industrial operation to help ensure safety, avoid hazardous electrical situations and make sure your equipment and facilities are operating at maximum efficiency.

    Why I Might Need An Industrial Safety Inspection?

    • Optimize your electrical equipment.
    • Ensure electrical equipment is up to code.
    • Ensure your facilities electric systems are safe and up to code.
    • Identify potential electrical hazards.
    • Ensure workplace safety and code compliance.

    For all of your industrial inspection needs, call us at Magic Valley Electric today. Our emergency 24/7 services are available for all of your industrial electrical maintenance needs. Our licensed and professional technicians will help ensure electrical safety for your industrial building. Call us today at 208-944-2107 to schedule your industrial maintenance inspection.