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  • Safety Inspections


  • Commercial Safety Inspections by Licensed Professionals

    As a business owner, it is imperative to have routine safety inspections performed on all of your commercial properties to help ensure the safety of your building and the people who work inside. Our licensed and trusted technicians can perform these safety inspections and help make sure your building is safe, energy-efficient and is all up to code.

    Why Do I Need A Commercial Safety Inspection?

    • We check for potential electrical hazards before they become a serious problem.
    • We ensure your electrical system is up to code.
    • We help ensure workplace safety and confirm code compliance.
    • We can extend the life of your current electrical system.
    • We can uncover unsafe wiring systems that may need to be replaced.
    • We check smoke detectors to confirm they are in working order and are in the correct location for safety in case of a fire.

    For all of your commercial safety inspection needs, call us at Magic Valley Electric today. Our licensed and professional technicians will help ensure the electrical safety of your commercial property. And with on time service you will never have to endure an unreasonable wait time.

    Our trusted technicians have the experience and the proper equipment to assess your commercial property and perform an inspection to ensure your building is safe and your equipment is all up to code. Our emergency 24/7 services are available for all of your commercial electrical maintenance issues. Call us today at 208-944-2107 to schedule your commercial maintenance inspection, and discover why Magic Valley Electric is Idaho’s preferred provider of commercial electrical services.

    When you need a skilled electrician in Southern Idaho, call the experienced professionals at Magic Valley Electric.