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  • Safety Inspections


  • Magic Valley Electrical Agricultural Safety Inspections

    Agriculture operations such as farms and ranches cannot operate without electricity. Vital equipment such as irrigation systems, water pumps and storage facilities require electricity, not to mention the efficient use of electrical systems can conserve energy and significantly cut down on your operations costs. The Electrical Safety Authority highly recommends that all farms have wiring and electrical equipment checked by a licensed electrical technician.

    At an Agricultural Safety Inspection our technicians perform the following:

    • Check your electric powered farm equipment for potential hazards.
    • Identify potential threats/environmental threats to your electrical systems.
    • Confirm that your electrical system is grounded.
    • Check your GFCI or (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) receptacles or breakers to ensure they are all in proper working condition.
    • Perform a visual inspection of all wiring and extension cords while checking for damage.
    • Ensure panels, circuits and outlets are not overloaded.
    • Ensure all electrical tools have proper grounding protection.
    • Verify that in case of an electrical emergency you know how to disconnect the power.

    Our technicians at Magic Valley Electric are licensed and fully equipped to perform safety inspections on agricultural electrical systems and equipment across the region. Our trusted technicians will always provide you with up front pricing and on-time service, with 24/7 emergency help for all of your agricultural electrical needs. As the farming industry continues to evolve, we strive to keep up with the latest technology for agricultural businesses to help you run your operation as efficiently and productively as possible. Call us today at call us right away at 208-944-2107 to schedule your safety inspection.

    When you need a skilled electrician in Southern Idaho, call the experienced professionals at Magic Valley Electric.