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  • Magic Valley Electric Customer Reviews

    • “We have used MVE numerous times at our businesses and personal residences. They are a dependable, professional team led by Billy Salts. They keep you informed every step of the way when working on a project. They have my highest rating.”

      – Dan W.

    • “Legends Real Estate Group with Westerra calls MVE EVERY time we need help with a listing or a client’s repair needs and they always do an excellent job. We love seeing Trevor’s friendly self and he is so knowledgeable! Thanks for the great service MVE!!”

      – Stephanie N.

    • “Absolutely NOTHING negative to say! Entire process was seamless and great. They did exactly what they said and it happened in the exact time frame given! EXCELLENT business right here!”

      – Annie B.

    • “I’ve used MVE twice now. They are the absolute best! Professional and courteous. They know their stuff! I have an electrician I can count on. Thanks MVE!”

      – Bud M.

    • “The electrician was very courteous, efficient and knowledgeable. the company is always willing to work with your concern in a timely manner. I would recommend Magic Valley Electric to every one.

      – Marlene P.

    • “Great service! Reliable, knowledgeable and dependable!”

      – Mary Jo C.

    • “I couldn’t imagine working for a better company! I’ve gotten to experience MVE both as a customer and an employee and am so happy with the company!”

      – Sara J.